Hello! My name is Claudiu Popa and I’m a 2nd generation typographer.

I grew up around the printshop where my parents were employed. My father was a typesetter and my mom handled book binding so I got to know the whole proces of printing and book making in a very early age. I always liked the smell of printing inks, the beautifully crafted metal letters of that time, the paper diversity, the magic of printing and the craftsmanship involved. I also liked (and had a natural talent) drawing so along the years I graduated The Art Highschool in Sibiu and later on The Ioan Andreescu Visual Arts Academy in Cluj Napoca.


I got my degree in graphic design but also attended photography and engraving classses. This got me back to my roots as engraving techniques were developed along the printing history. I became passioned about desktop publishing and pretty much everything computer-related and am now proud to master all the skills needed to make a graphic designer.


While I am committed to my freelance work, I also maintain a corporate design career in order to stay connected with my peers, and provide stability in my life.  I’ve always worked in print production, from silkscreen and vinyl cutting to offset printing and computer-to-plate prepress. This experience has exposed me to a wide variety of projects, methods of design, and training that other freelancers may not encounter on a regular basis.


You can contact me for anything design-related and I’m always open to new projects. Just drop me a line or request a price quote and I’ll surely get back to you.



Typography is a family trade to us. My dad worked as mechanical typesetter and he taught me all there is to know about fonts while the Art Academy did the rest. I now carry on his legacy as graphic designer in the print industry.

I won the 2nd prize for poster design in the art highschool national competition back in '95


In 2010 I won The Glossy Print Award for brochures and catalogs. See my entry.


My skills include graphic design, photography, caligraphy, engraving, drawing, prepress, computer support.


I have over 15 years of experience in graphic design  and 10 years of experience in printing.


As a freelancer I'm working with 25 unique clients and plan on expanding.


Adobe Indesign

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Acrobat / Bridge

Adobe Muse


Extensis Suitcase


Harlequin Torrent RIP