Here are my services, should you ever need a graphic designer.
Graphic design is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas. A designer works with a variety of communication tools in order to convey a message from a client to a particular audience. The main tools are image and typography. Graphic design is a part of our daily life.

It’s the first thing you and your clients will ever notice. The logo design, the busines card, the stationery and all the printed media you use should have a good, consistent look. It’s you business voice that’s ment to be seen, not heard. This makes the very first impression and it’s definitely not a job for amateurs. It’s the first thing you need to have properly made for your company. And it's one of my favourites.


This is my main activity field right now. I work in a printshop as graphic designer and prepress supervisor. I have a complete understanding of the offset printing process and this has always been my strong point ever since I was a kid. As I work for 10 years in this field, I know exactly where to cut costs, what to do and what to avoid doing, how to handle the prepress stage so that the printed result is exacty what you agreed on in the end of the design process.


Indoor and outdoor advertising includes various types of promotional displays, from highway billboards to transit posters and arena placement, all geared towards communicating a message to the public. Their message has to be short and effective as they have to be read in seconds. A good design will get noticed and stay in people’s mind. See my portfolio for samples of my work.


Wether you need a children book illustrated or some IKEA-like furniture assembly guide, I can provide artful illustration and vector services. So no matter you just lost your logo's vectorial files, need a proper technical drawing, a custom map or just some vinyl-cutting files I'd be happy to help. Just drop me a line


Not everyone knows how to properly introduce a product to the public. And when speaking about a brand it all needs to be fast or people will get bored. That's why a slogan has to speak up about your company. And anything you say to your public or customers has to be clear and smart. I can help you with all these as I have a network of people ready to congregate for a good brainstorming session.


If you're in a hurry here's a quick list of what I can do:


Indoor and Outdoor billboards, banners, posters and signs


Printed media: books, catalogs, annual reports, magazines, brochures, flyers, leaflets


Corporate identity: logo design, stationery, identity guides


Illustration: technical drawings, vector graphics, book and custom illustration.


Email advertising, website banners, website design (ask)